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Meet Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers’ ‘lucky’ beard (pic/vid)


A man who by all accounts is simply one of the many faceless individuals that can be seen patrolling the sidelines during NFL games has achieved a certain level of notoriety courtesy of his interactions this season with Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

Meet Jeremy Wilcox, a 39-year-old man who sports a rather long and very red beard.

Wilcox is becoming something of a celebrity due to Rodgers’ nearly season-long practice of tugging on his beard on the sideline during Packers home games at Lambeau Field, something the quarterback did after returning from injury during Sunday’s 30-20, division title-clinching win over the Detroit Lions.

Wilcox, an employee of a company who has been contracted to provide communications support at Lambeau Field and attends games should something go awry, says it was a fairly random thing when Rodgers first tugged on his beard, but it has become a regular mid-game event, although he says it falls short of some kind of ritual.

“It’s never at the same time or place, it’s not like it’s a ritual or anything,” Wilcox told Daily Herald Media, via the Milwaukee-Journal Sentinel.

Wilcox said Rodgers spotted him on the sidelines at a game earlier this season, sauntered on up to him and gave his beard a good old tug.

“He kind of laughed,” Wilcox said. “I knew where it was going. He gave it a little tug, and I just laughed.”

Whether or not Rodgers considers Wilcox’s beard some kind of red and hairy talisman is unknown, but given the fact Rodgers has put up MVP-caliber numbers this season — particularly at home — it probably wouldn’t hurt to continue the practice when the Packers host a home playoff game in the division round on Jan. 11.

(photo credit: Central Wis. Sports/Twitter)