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LeBron James reportedly could bolt from Cavaliers again if ‘hand is forced’

In what on the surface and at first take appears to be a ridiculous notion, a column by’s Chris Haynes indicates that LeBron James could conceivably pick up and leave the Cleveland Cavaliers sooner rather than later if he felt that his hand was forced.

In fact, that previously inconceivable eventuality could happen this coming summer if James decided to opt-out of his contract.

Haynes writes that the perception is that if James believes the Cavaliers are headed nowhere and spinning its wheels, the Ohio native’s much celebrated homecoming will be a short-lived one.

There is immense pressure to keep The King happy.

James, who turns 30 today, has no intention of compromising his prime years playing for a sputtering organization. He can opt out of his contract at the end of the season and become a free agent.

Given the massive scrutiny he would endure if he departed Cleveland a second time, if his hand is forced, I’m told he won’t hesitate to make the appropriate business decision if it means bolting.

It’s a shocking notion to say the least that James’ second tenure with the Cavs could come to such an abrupt, shocking and disappointing conclusion, but things haven’t gone exactly as envisioned thus far this season.

The Cavaliers of course are sputtering and having difficulty getting all the moving parts assembled this past offseason to work together as a cohesive basketball machine.

The Cavaliers have “stumbled” to an 18-12 record — certainly not the greatest start but also not the worst, either — especially given the team has 50-plus games to get things right before a presumed appearance in the postseason.

A lot of the blame has been placed at the feet of David Blatt, the first-year Cavs coach who recently did not exactly receive anything resembling an strong testament of support from James.

“Listen man, I don’t pay no bills around here. I play,” James said after Monday’s practice, per “He’s our coach, I mean, what other coach do we have?”

Speculation regarding whether or not Blatt’s job already is in jeopardy is purely speculative at this point, but if whispers are surfacing this soon during James’ “coming home,” chances are the Cavaliers may have to make a decision regarding the direction of the organization — up to and involving who is at the helm at head coach, among other front office/personnel positions — sooner rather than later.

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