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Store in Missouri selling Royals ‘2014 World Series Champions’ shirts (photo)


Even though the Kansas City Royals’ Cinderella story-like stomp through the postseason ended with a disappointing thud, losing to the San Francisco Giants in Game 7 of the World Series, that does not mean that fans of the team cannot at least pretend to bask in championship glory.

According to a post on reddit (via Sporting News), a store in Joplin, Mo., allegedly is selling a t-shirt that proclaims the Royals as the “2014 World Series Champions,” despite all real world evidence to the contrary.

Shirts such as these of course are printed up for both teams ahead of a decisive postseason series or game so they will be ready for players to don during championship celebrations. The shirts that do not accurately portray the outcome become charitable donations and usually are shipped off to some faraway land where the folks who will wear them couldn’t care less about the veracity of the message on the shirts.

The presumption is that someone affiliated with the store got their hands on a box of the shirts and elected to put them out to see if there were any takers. Although to give one of these shirts to a Royals fan for Christmas is the gift equivalent to putting coal in their stockings, if not worse.