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Derek Jeter allegedly parties with 30 ‘model-like women’ at New York hotspot

If a Page Six report is to be believed and the details prove accurate, Derek Jeter, who maintained an incredibly low profile during his 20-year, big league career under the bright lights in the big city of New York, may be letting loose a bit as he eases into retirement life.

According to the New York Post gossip column’s entry, Jeter reportedly rented out a lounge at a New York hotspot to watch some NFL football.

While that tidbit is relatively uninteresting on its own, it’s the company Jeter was keeping is what makes this such a potentially juicy nugget.

Sources reportedly told Page Six that Jeter’s entourage included some male friends, but the all-guy crew was keeping company with “30 attractive, model-like women.”

The scene played out at the Arthur lounge inside the Meatpacking District’s Chester restaurant, where the group watched the “Sunday Night Football” match-up between the Seattle Seahawks and Arizona Cardinals.

The key component of what sources were telling Page Six is that Hannah Davis, Jeter’s longtime gal-pal, was nowhere to be seen.

The couple have been dating for nearly two years and the presence of a sizable ring on Davis’ finger during an August 2013 outing became the source of engagement rumors, speculation that later was rebuffed.

Shortly following Jeter’s retirement in October, another round of rumors began to surface that a “secret wedding” had been planned by the couple. Of course, the hush-hush nuptials apparently never came to be.

The status of Jeter’s relationship with Davis may have nothing to do with Sunday’s festivities. The get-together simply could have been a case of a “Boys Night Out” that just so happened to attract a bevy of lovely ladies.

As far as Jeter is concerned on the night in question, Page Six’s sources say the future Hall of Famer was having a great time.

“Derek had a really great time partying with his guests and watching the game,” an “eyewitness” told Page Six. “He was relaxed, happy and in a great mood. He mingled with the girls and was on the dance floor. He didn’t seem to be with one particular girl, he was definitely having fun.”

Jeter’s ability to stay out of the gossip rags and off the back pages of the New York dailies during his career was an impressive feat to say the least, but antics such as those that allegedly occurred on Sunday surely will keep him the talk of the town even in retirement.

(photo credit: Rommel Demano/Getty Images)