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Kenny Albert’s Christmas sweater featured snowman rocking carrot dong (photo)


The FOX broadcasting team starring Kenny Albert, Daryl Johnston and Tony Siragusa, along with the behind-the-scenes contingent of the crew, apparently have a tradition of rocking Christmas sweaters during a broadcast around the holiday season.

Albert, according to the comments made by Johnston and Siragusa during the broadcast of the Minnesota Vikings-Miami Dolphins game on Sunday, generally abstains from participating, but elected to take part in the festivities this year.

And boy oh boy, did Albert go all-out with his choice of kitschy, holiday-centric attire. And on top of that, hemanaged to sneak in a subtle, but highly inappropriate, image on his sweater.

Yep, one of the snowmen on Albert’s sweater had a carrot placed in a location where carrots generally aren’t placed on a family-friendly snowman.

Yep, one of the snowmen on his sweater had himself a carrot dong.




Yep, really, really awkward. Whoever designed the sweater must have had “Dumb and Dumber” and Harry Dunne’s interpretation of where to place a root vegetable on snowman on the brain, what with the carrot penis and everything.

[H/T SB Nation, screenshot via Tim Ryan/Twitter]