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Rex Ryan on how Tom Brady makes everything easier: ‘My wife could coach him’


As Rex Ryan looks back on his tumultuous tenure as head coach of the New York Jets, the fiery and brash leader recognizes all too well that the inability to get consistent production out of the quarterback position may be one of the primary reasons he likely will be out of a job at season’s end.

Mark Sanchez, Tim Tebow, Greg McElroy, Michael Vick and Matt Simms … all had a crack at the Jets quarterback position … and all came up woefully short.

The way Ryan sees it, he wouldn’t be playing out the string of a nightmare season as a lame duck coach had he benefited from the kind of stability Tom Brady has provided the New England Patriots over the past decade-plus.

While Ryan has spent a majority of “Patriots Week” heading into what in all likelihood will be his final showdown with nemesis Bill Belichick as a head coach — at least with the Jets — he did appear to concede that having Brady definitely made Belichick’s coaching job that much easier.

In fact, according to Ryan, the veteran signal-caller is the primary catalyst to New England’s long-term success and stability.

“I think Brady is a huge reason for it,” Ryan said, per a New York Daily News report. “The Patriot Way and all that stuff, obviously it works. My brother was there for two Super Bowls and things. It’s obviously a very successful system, but I think having that consistency at that position in particular, that quarterback position, probably makes it a little easier than maybe other teams have gone through.”

Ryan said he held out hope that Brady wouldn’t be a persistent thorn in his side for this long.

“I was hoping he’d retire like four or five years ago but that didn’t happen,” Ryan added. “Now he’s talking about playing his whole life, oh boy.”

But if he had the chance, would he have wanted to coach Brady?

“I’d do like anybody else, anybody would,” Ryan said, adding bluntly, “My wife could coach him.”

It could be interpreted that Ryan is taking a shot at essentially every quarterback that donned a Jets uniform since 2009, when he took over, but let’s be honest, there’s Tom Brady, a handful of other guys of his pedigree and then everyone else.

It’s just a shame — at least for Ryan — that every quarterback the Jets have had during his tenure fell into the latter category.

(photo credit: AP)