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Bulls guard Jimmy Butler to Taylor Swift: ‘Come to Chicago and date yours truly’


Jimmy Butler scored a career-high 35 points to lead the undermanned Chicago Bulls to a 103-97 win over the New York Knicks Thursday night at United Center.

But it was some comments he made before the game that may cause even more attention to be lavished upon the Bulls guard than his outstanding performance on the court, at least from a pop culture perspective.

According to Bleacher Report’s Sean Highkin, Butler had an extra special message for pop music crossover superstar Taylor Swift.

For some reason or another, the topic of Taylor Swift-Kanye West incident from the “2009 Video Music Awards” was brought up, to which Butler offered, “That’s not nice, Kanye. And I like Kanye.”

And then Butler reportedly gave a “thumbs-down” to the former country music sensation’s purported romance with John Mayer — they’re still a thing? — saying, “If you want to date someone, come to Chicago and date yours truly.”

While Swift’s relationship status — and who she may be, was or currently is romantically involved with — is well outside the purview of this individual, the fact that Butler plays for the Bulls may sour any chances of Swift taking up the guard’s offer of a Windy City romance.

You see, Swift is a big-time New York Knicks fan and has been for a long time, something she credits to a friendship kindled with Amar’e Stoudemire and his wife at the annual Met Ball in New York City.

In fact, the “Shake It Off” singer is often spotted in “Celebrity Row” at Madison Square Garden during Knicks games, rubbing elbows with the likes of Kate Upton and Justin Verlander.

Despite the fact that Butler, 25, and Swift, 25, may appear to be star-crossed as it pertains to a possible romance, the Bulls guard does have one ace in the hole.

Earlier this year, a video made some waves on the Internet of Butler grooving to the Taylor Swift track, “22.” Perhaps he could use that footage to convince Swift that he isn’t some latecomer fan now that she is making waves in the pop music world.

Anything’s possible, right?

(photo credit: Elite Daily)