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Jim Harbaugh reportedly won laser tag match by ‘hunting’ 10-year-old kid


With all the news swirling around Jim Harbaugh regarding his tenuous future with the San Francisco 49ers and how that has created frenzy of speculation, a story dug up about his antics at his recent bachelor party provides a fascinating peek into the mind of the somewhat off-kilter coach.

Of course, rumors are swirling that Harbaugh, if he does indeed part ways with the Niners, may act upon his reported interest and return to the collegiate coaching ranks and take over at Michigan, his alma mater.

In light of speculation that Harbaugh might return home, the region’s has relayed a wacky story about the goings-on at his most recent bachelor party.

Harbaugh, who married his second wife, Sarah, in 2008, allegedly enjoyed a rousing round of laser tag as part of the festivities surrounding his bachelor party.

Harbaugh, renowned for his over-competitiveness, reportedly assumed a “win at all costs” mentality on the laser tag battlefield.

Choosing the moniker “Captain Comeback,” a nod to his days as an NFL quarterback, Harbaugh’s competitiveness got the best of him on the “battlefield,” as he apparently set his laser tag sights on a kid in order to come out as the winner.

When the fake smoke cleared and the game wrapped, it was revealed that Captain Comeback recorded more “kills” than anyone else in the party. Harbaugh won. Because he always wins. But upon further examination of where each person’s shots came from, it became clear why he won in such a landslide.

“All his shots came against this 10-year-old kid,” laughs Eric Bakhtiari, who played for Harbaugh in college and in the NFL with the 49ers. “He just sat there, hunting this 10-year-old kid so he could win.

“(He’s crazy), but in the best way possible. I mean, hey, Steve Jobs was crazy, too.”

There you have it. Harbaugh hunted a little kid during laser tag. Sounds about right.

One question: Was Coach Harbaugh wearing Dockers during this no-holds-barred laser tag battle? Because that would really tie up the story in nice, khaki-colored bow.