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Santa Claus apparently a Clemson alum, sending letters to recruits (photo)


In what can only be interpreted as a major development this Christmas season, it comes as something of a shock that Santa Claus, old Kris Kringle, jolly St. Nick completed his undergraduate education at Clemson University.

Not only that, the Tigers have enlisted his help in attracting highly coveted recruits to its football program.

This surprising news comes courtesy of a tweet from the official Twitter account of Clemson Football, in which it is stated, “An elf passed this along to us from some guy up north to give to future members of the #ClemsonFamily.”

Written on St. Nick’s own letterhead — “From the Desk of Santa Claus” tips us off to that fact, along with the address of 66424 S. Santa Claus Ln., North Pole, Alaska, 99705 (who knew?) — the correspondence touts Clemson as a top-notch college football destination.

It reads:

Dear Recruit:

Wow! You have had quite the year! I have been watching your progress from the North Pole and I have been quite impressed. My old friend, Dabo Swinney, seems to be very interested in your status on the naughty or nice list. Don’t worry, I have let him know all of the good news concerning your recent accomplishments.

Mrs. Claus, Rudolf [sic], & the gang and I have all become fans and we look forward to watching you grow in the future. I usually do not return the millions of letters I receive during this time of the year, but I felt compelled to reach out to you. Here at the North Pole we can see that Clemson is clearly the best place for young men to spend their collegiate careers. In fact, if I had a son or daughter I would send them to Clemson, and not just because I’m a Clemson alum!

Anyway, keep up the good work. We will be thinking of you and watching your career from up here! Have a great Holiday Season!


Santa Claus

Clemson, Class of 1896

Class of 1896, huh? Santa must have taken some time off between high school and his freshman year at college. Perhaps to take a backpack tour of Europe or something like that, perhaps.

And who knew Santa and Dabo Sweeney were so tight? Although “Dabo” would  make a great name for a reindeer.

Speaking of which, one would think Santa Claus, of all people, would be able to spell “Rudolph” correctly. After all, it was the reindeer’s red nose that guided Santa’s sleigh on that fateful night and many more after that one.

Still, despite everything, a pretty clever and unique stab at capitalizing on the holiday season to pique the interest of potential recruits.

There is no gambit, however hackneyed, that big-time college football programs aren’t willing to employ to capture the interest of a recruit.

Horribly executed Photoshops of People magazine covers featuring Kim Kardashian? Check. Sketched portraits of highly coveted recruits? Absolutely. ESPN the Magazine cover Photoshops featuring misspelled words? You better believe it. Yet another foray into Photoshop featuring a mocked-up Rolling Stone cover featuring Beyonce. Gotcha.

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