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Justin Verlander bemoans Uber’s surge charges in Instagram post (pic)


One could reasonably expect that a person with the considerable wealth of Detroit Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander wouldn’t need rely upon the services of Uber. Moreover, one also reasonably could expect that a person with the wealth of Verlander wouldn’t feel compelled to complain about the outfit’s rate surges.

But that is apparently not the case. Verlander took to Instagram to bemoan the rising rates of Uber, a glorified taxi service with a neo-modern touch, courtesy of smartphone apps and whatnot.

“.@Uber I used to love you and now your ridiculous surge charges are causing me to take my talents elsewhere. #lyft,” Verlander writes on social media, referencing Lyft, one of Uber’s main competitors.

Of course, what makes it all somewhat amusing is that Verlander, as noted by the Detroit Free-Press, has earned about $86.5 million during his major league career. He also signed a $200 million contract extension in 2013, so by no means is the pitcher rubbing nickels together in an effort to come up with cab fare, even a glorified cab experience the likes provided by Uber.

Add that to the fact that his gal pal, Kate Upton — who posted a social media holiday card featuring her beau on Wednesday it is worth noting (for no real reason) — presumably has a considerable amount of discretionary income with which the couple can use to scrounge up some cash for an Uber ride.

Busted Coverage also came up with the following details concerning Verlander that illustrates why the pitcher’s griping is somewhat comical.

• Justin Verlander’s 2014 base salary was $20,000,000

• Justin Verlander just got back from a European vacation (Venice was one stop) with Kate Upton

• Justin Verlander flies on a private jet

• Justin Verlander bought a $381,000 Aventador Roadster earlier this year

• Justin Verlander also owns a Ferrari 458 Italia, a Maserati Gran Turismo, a Mercedes-Benz SL55, an Aston Martin DBS and a Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG

• Justin Verlander will make $140,000,000 over the next six years…GUARANTEED

Yep, it certainly must be a hard knock life for Verlander, especially with all these sudden and unfair surge charges. Hopefully, Lyft can learn from Uber’s mistakes.

At the same time, accumulated wealth is one thing. The long-term maintenance of wealth, on the other hand, necessitates one being careful with any and all expenditures. This apparently applies to millionaires many times over as well.