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Jets fan uses ‘Fire John Idzik’ billboard as backdrop for family Christmas card (pic)


It’s becoming nearly an everyday thing, but Thursday brought yet another awkwardly embarrassing instance documenting just how badly a considerable contingent of New York Jets fans want to see John Idzik, the team’s embattled general manager, given his walking papers.

The latest example of anti-John Idzik antipathy comes from Jets fan Rich Nagle, who utilized a “Fire John Idzik” billboard — one of several erected and funded by the grassroots efforts of the disgruntled Jets behind the website — as the backdrop for his family’s Christmas card.

It was actually my wife’s idea,” Nagle told Yahoo! Sports’ Shutdown Corner. “I think she must have been sick of hearing me complain about the bad season and poor management and thought it would be a fitting way to express it while letting friends and family know the state of affairs in the Nagle household.”

The card features Nagle, dressed as Santa Claus, posing alongside wife Marni and children Thomas, Maya, and Ian. It was sent out to about 80 people on the Nagle’s holiday card list.

The Nagle family patriarch says a lot of his frustration with Idzik stems from the team’s inability to land a quality player in last year’s talent-heavy draft.

For us it is simple. The last draft was one of the richest in recent history and we don’t have one good pick to show for it,” Nagle said. “In addition there was significant money left on the table that could have been used to get some free agent help.”

When it rains for Idzik, boy oh boy does it ever pour. On top of a family using the calling for his termination as its central theme for its annual Christmas card, there is a protest rally planned around the team’s Dec. 21 game against the New England Patriots at MetLife Stadium that will feature “penalty flag protest towels” distributed and sold by the anti-Idzik website.

Not only that, not one, but two airplanes trailing “Fire Idzik” banners have flown over Jets practices recently, including one occasion when Idzik and team owner Woody Johnson were present.

Speaking of the Jets owner, Johnson was forced to apologize after an “inadvertent” favoriting of a tweet calling for Idzik’s dismissal.

Geez, how much public shaming is one poor man expected to endure?

(photo courtesy of Rich Nagle via Yahoo! Sports)