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Dwight Howard drops Nuggets mascot Rocky with kick to the chops (video)


Dwight Howard had a little bit of fun at the expense of a poor mascot during a stoppage in play in the Houston Rockets’ 115-111 overtime win over the Denver Nuggets Wednesday night at the Pepsi Center.

Rocky, the Nuggets’ charismatic mascot, clearly was trying to annoy the Rockets center before the dreaded incident. As the mascot shimmied and danced nearby Howard, the Rockets star took notice and responded with a playful kick … right to the snout of poor old Rocky.

The Kung fu karate kick from Howard barely glanced of Rocky’s chops, but the mascot embellished its severity by immediately flailing and dropping to the hardwood, a drop to the floor worthy of a fine under the NBA’s anti-flopping policies.

For the record, Howard, for the game, had 24 points, 16 rebounds …. and one knockout. Not a bad stat line for a big man nursing a wonky right knee, although Howard did use his left leg for the kick.

In the end, perhaps everyone should be thankful that Rocky didn’t react to a shot to the chin from Howard in the same manner Kobe Bryant did earlier this season following a somewhat similar incident. That kind of response certainly would not be conduct befitting a mascot, that’s for sure.

(video via CJ Fogler/Twitter)