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‘Golfer’ defies physics, drills himself in head with own tee shot (video)


In a demonstration of golf ineptitude that seemingly defies physics, a woefully inexperienced (presumably) or incredibly untalented (probably) golfer demonstrates how it is somehow possible to hit oneself in one’s own head with one’s own tee shot.

Watch as the poor sap takes a mighty swing at the ball set atop one of those rubber-like tees typical of driving ranges, takes a mighty whack and proceeds to propel the ball onto a path that causes it to careen straight off the back of his own dome.


And on to the GIF versions (via Golf Digest):

Back and to the left … back and to the left…

And a little bit slower now…

Uncanny. Sir Isaac Newton would be spinning in his grave if that in of itself wasn’t a violation of the laws of nature.