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Jets owner Woody Johnson: Favoriting tweet calling for GM’s dismissal an accident


New York Jets owner Woody Johnson claims that a tweet favorited via his official Twitter account that called for the dismissal of embattled team general manager John Idzik was an inadvertent accident.

A Jets fan posted a tweet earlier this week directed to Johnson that read, “@woodyjohnson4 you really need to #FireIdzik at this point. The roster is garbagio.”

A day later, the fan posted a screenshot indicating that Johnson indeed had favorited the tweet pleading with him to fire Idzik.


Perhaps realizing — or being informed by an underling — that favoriting a tweet that calls for the dismissal of the head of the team’s front office may be in poor form, Johnson posted a mea culpa tweet on Tuesday indicating it was nothing more than a social media gaffe caused by inadvertent favoriting.

There’s no reason not to believe Johnson’s claim that it was all an accident. Although that does not mean by any stretch of the imagination that Idzik’s job is safe. The Jets have been in disarray from top to bottom this season — as a 3-11 record most certainly indicates — and Idzik has been a lightning rod for criticism for Jets fans.

So much so, in fact, that a “Fire John Idzik” movement has been a near-constant and pervasive presence throughout the Jets season. From billboards erected nearby MetLife Stadium by a fan group behind the website “” to planes trailing banners flying overhead during a team practice calling for the under-fire executive’s dismissal, it’s been one bad thing after another for the much-maligned Idzik.

Between Idzik and presumably lame duck head coach Rex Ryan playing out the string, chances are good the Jets will clean house and start over from scratch from a leadership standpoint next season … inadvertently favortied tweets or otherwise.

[H/T SB Nation, photo credit: AP]