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Kate Upton posts holiday greeting card with Justin Verlander via social media (pic)


The relationship between super-supermodel Kate Upton and Detroit Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander officially has reached pseudo-marriage status. Why? Because Upton posted a quasi-holiday greeting card featuring herself posing alongside her beau to her Instagram and Twitter accounts.

“Happy holidays! Loving my @expresslife coat!” Upton writes on Instagram and Twitter, making sure that she helps move some product while also issuing her best holiday wishes to fans and followers.

Technically, this photo isn’t really a joint holiday card in the purest sense of the word — after all, Verlander didn’t post it to his social media accounts … yet — but the intent, whether hidden or not, is there. Upton is upping the ante here, there’s no question about it.

Further, it’s not like regular Joe or Jane Schmos such as you and I are on either stars’ holiday card mailing list, so this is all we denizens of the interwebs have in which to shape our respective opinions on their relationship status, if that’s an endeavor even worthy of pursuing.

The Upton-Verlanders (or will it be Verlander-Uptons or neither?) have made several high-profile public appearances of late, taking in a New York Knicks game at Madison Square Garden — alongside Taylor Swift, no less —  in November and stopped by Quicken Loans Arena in early December to catch LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers in action.

The couple’s relationship, while hardly surprising, has taken on a distinctly media-heavy presence. From cameras locking in on Upton as Verlander pitched in Game 2 of the ALDS in October (while doing some kind of sexy hexing-type thing) to coverage of Upton making goo-goo eyes at her boyfriend as he throws her a souvenir baseball, Verlander’s courtship of Upton was made for the gossip rags.

Heck, the two are so gosh-darn adorable that the couple allowed the world inside their debate on whether to buy a puppy, posting back-and-forth messages about yet another example of how their relationship is entering another stratosphere of seriousness.

But the joint holiday card takes the cake. Be prepared for an announcement soon that the two are engaged. It should be coming sooner rather than later, if their coupled-up holiday wishes are any indication.

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