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Did Flyers center Claude Giroux wipe boogers on a linesman’s back? (video)


While there is no way to be certain — save for an admission by the offending party himself — it certainly appeared that Philadelphia Flyers captain Claude Giroux wiped his nose (presumably to extract excess booger-like substances from his nostrils) and then proceeded to wipe his hand on the back of a linesman.

The icky incident occurred during Tuesday’s game against the Tampa Bay Lightning at Well Fargo Center. Giroux, lined up for a faceoff, removes his glove, sticks his hand up by his nose, wipes and then smears the mucous mess on the back of the linesman.

What makes it even more amusing — but still disgusting — is that Giroux appears to pat the linesman on the back, presumably to provide a smokescreen for his grossly inappropriate antics.

Giroux’s egregious act of bizarre booger-wiping brings up an old gross-out saying, “You’re dancing with your honey, your nose is kinda runny, you think it’s kind of funny but it’s [s]not.”

Or something like that.

For the record, in Philly’s 3-1 loss to Tampa, Giroux recorded an assist … and one wiped bunch of boogers. Gross. Further, given that the NHL is in the midst of a horrible mumps outbreak, perhaps sharing one’s mucous with others might not be the best idea.