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Another plane trailing ‘Fire John Idzik’ banner flies above Jets practice (photo)


Another day, another embarrassing situation for embattled New York Jets general manager John Idzik.

Making it consecutive days where his future as a Jets executive took a turn into gallows humor territory, another airplane flew above a Jets practice on Wednesday, with a banner trailing it calling for Idzik’s ouster.

The banner read, “PENALTY FLAG DAY 12/21 FIREJOHNIDZIK.COM,” a reference to the fan-created anti-Idzik website responsible for various grassroots — and very public — campaigns demanding the much-maligned general manager be cut loose.

The “Penalty Flag” mention makes note of another anti-Idzik campaign headed by the proprietors of the website. has been selling “penalty flag protest towels” in the hope that fans will bring them to the Dec. 21 showdown with the New England Patriots at MetLife Stadium.

Wednesday’s incident marks the second time an aerial, banner-based demand for the GM’s termination has circled overhead a Jets practice. On Nov. 5, a plane trailing a banner featuring similarly savage screed performed an impromptu airshow high above the practice field.

On that occasion, both Idzik and Jets owner Woody Johnson were present. On Wednesday, Idzik at least was able to avoid that level of awkward embarrassment.

Jets head coach Rex Ryan — playing out the chain of a season presumably as the team’s lame duck coach — and Jeremy Kerley looked to the skies to take a gander at the banner.


As noted above, this latest public humiliation comes on the heels of Jets owner Woody Johnson favoriting a tweet that called for Idzik’s dismissal, something he later referred to as inadvertent.

In an otherwise nightmare season, the Jets have taken on a circus sideshow vibe that arguably may have made the 3-11 campaign more palatable for the team’s dejected and disappointed fans. Or worse. Actually, it is probably the latter as opposed to the former.

The Jets made light of the first time the airplane banner bit reared its ugly head with the utilization of a toy helicopter in the days that followed that incident. Chances are it has reached the point where it is no longer a laughing matter.

(images credit: Howard Simmons/New York Daily News)