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Jets backup cornerback Josh Thomas has playbook stolen, requests its return

New York Jets backup cornerback Josh Thomas took to Twitter on Monday to issue a public plea for the return of several items that some thief pilfered out of his car.

Thomas, inactive for Sunday’s 16-11 win over the Tennessee Titans in Nashville, apparently left some of his luggage in his car and learned of the theft upon the team’s return home.

Thomas informed the Jets of the missing playbook — located on a team-issued tablet — and the contents were deleted remotely by the team.

Given theĀ  ineptitude the Jets have displayed on offense throughout a majority of the season, it’s amusing to wonder why someone would want a playbook for that side of the ball — at least from an informational standpoint — but a defensive playbook (the Jets are ranked sixth-overall in team defense), on the other hand, is another story altogether.

Whoever did make off with Josh Thomas’ playbook certainly has an unique piece of NFL memorabilia to show off to folks … at least to those people who won’t go the police to rat out the thief in question.

Jets head coach Rex Ryan was unaware of the theft on Monday but the team indicated that it is working with authorities to retrieve the missing items, specifically the pilfered playbook.

(photo credit: AP Photo/G. Newman Lowrance)