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Fan at center of brawl involving Johnny Manziel apologizes for incident

Johnny Manziel

Chris Gonos, the Cleveland Browns fan whose late-night encounter with Johnny Manziel and his entourage sparked a brawl in an apartment building, took to social media to apologize for his role in the fracas that transpired in late November.

Gonos, 33, took to his Facebook page and spelled out his sincere regret for how his actions, although without any ill-intent, nevertheless created an ugly situation for the Browns rookie.

Gonos writes:

Dear Johnny Manziel,

First off I would like to apologize for approaching you the way I did. All I ever wanted was to show love and give respect. What occurred that night was a huge misunderstanding. Never did I intend to escalate an altercation. I was simply overwhelmed by seeing the ma, which I believe is the quarterback of the future of Cleveland. I apologize for the incident and bringing a negative light to your name and reputation. Especially after you’ve done such a good job of being under the radar and being a true professional on and off the field. I never attempted to pursue charges or criminally prosecute the individual who assaulted me that night. Even though I was advised too [sic] by my legal counsel. As a true Clevelander I wish you the best and I’m ready for you to “wreck this league.”

Chris Gonos

The post does not appear to be available publicly — or has been deleted — but a screengrab was captured by someone who goes by the Twitter handle “Cle Browns Tornado.”

Manziel has not said much about the incident, but did give his side of the story in the days following the brouhaha, disputing the original allegations as set forth in a police report.

“My mom was in town,” said Manziel. “I ended up going to dinner with my mother and my roommate. As I got back to my apartment later that night, where you go up to my apartment is located in the lobby of a hotel as well. As I was waiting for my elevator, I was approached by what has been made out to be a fan.

“At this point in the night, this was a very intoxicated, very aggressive person that approached me in the lobby. Putting his hands on me, kind of toying with me. Trying to mind my own business and get upstairs to my room … essentially this is the front door of my home.

“As this man kept attempting to come at me, being extremely aggressive, as we tried to coax him into getting into his elevator and going on about the night, the guy got very aggressive. Luckily for us —  I don’t want to go into a lot of detail about everything that happened because it all did happen so fast — security was able to get things under wraps, I’m very thankful for that as well.

“(Gonos) came at my roommate. There was no entourage, I live with one other person and my mother was upstairs. That’s about as much entourage as you get, being with my mom. As it escalated and got a little bit out of control, security got things under wraps and I was able to get upstairs.”

Browns head coach Mike Pettine referred to the incident as “unfortunate” at the time, praising Manziel by referring to the rookie quarterback as a “true professional.”

The timing of Gonos’ apology comes only a few days ahead of Manziel’s first career NFL start. Perhaps the Browns fan didn’t want to be responsible for any bad mojo heading into Sunday’s game against the Cincinnati Bengals and wanted to absolve himself from any part of any distraction for Manziel.

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