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Colin Kaepernick surprisingly loquacious during Wednesday media session


Colin Kaepernick was surprisingly chatty during his media session with reporters on Wednesday, seemingly ending a run of awkward interactions where the San Francisco 49ers quarterback was noticeably tight-lipped and uncomfortably standoffish with the media.

Tim Kawakami of the San Jose Mercury News reports unofficially that Kaepernick, while smiling, being affable and appearing relaxed, used approximately 919 words when responding to 26 questions during a 9-minute, 18-second interview session. More importantly, Kawakami notes that there was “[z]ero petulance coming from the quarterback.

Kaepernick’s conduct with the media Wednesday was in stark contrast to his odd behavior during a session last week that was rife with petulance, a during which he used only 87 words to answer 32 questions during a bizarre 3½-minute interview session.

But a surprisingly verbose Kaepernick kept it loose and light the entire interview session on Wednesday.

When asked about how his interaction with the media became a topic of national debate and if he thinks his relationship with the media and the way he goes about it merits discussion, Kaepernick put on a smile and attempted to downplay it.

“There’s a different way to go about things, he said. “Obviously it’s something that I take my job very seriously.”

Kaepernick then indicated his surly demeanor has at least in part due to how he is tough on himself.

“When I go out there and compete and don’t do well at something, I’m very hard on myself,” he continued. “It’s something I have to approach others differently with when I’m in those situations.”

When the observation was made that he was more expansive in his responses and even smiling, it elicited a smile and a chuckle from the quarterback.

Asked if his behavioral one-eighty in this session with reporters indicates that he has found a “happy medium” concerning his dealings with the media, Kaepernick agreed, saying he’s trying to be better about it.

“Yeah, I think there is a happy medium. It’s something that obviously I’m working on,” he said. “Try to help you guys do your jobs as well.”

The media probably appreciates that quite a bit.

Kaepernick also addressed his halftime confrontation in the tunnel with Oakland Raiders linebacker Sio Moore during San Francisco’s surprising loss last Sunday as well as the team’s upcoming showdown with division rival Seattle Seahawks … smiling, laughing and playing nice the entire time.