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Carmelo Anthony denies reports that he’s feuding with Tim Hardaway Jr.

Despite reports indicating the contrary, Carmelo Anthony disputes the notion that there is a rift between himself and New York Knicks teammate Tim Hardaway Jr.

The speculation that animosity exists between the two shooters stems from an ESPN report indicating that Anthony threatened to beat up Hardaway in the locker room following an on-court confrontation during a game last week against the Brooklyn Nets.

Anthony insists it’s much ado about nothing.

“Just to speak solely on that situation, me and Tim have no problems,” Anthony said Wednesday regarding the on-court spat, per a New York Daily News report, before sitting out the night’s game against the San Antonio Spurs with a left knee issue. “I wish I could bring him out here and have him next to me while I’m doing this interview, he will tell you the same thing. That’s pretty much all I can say on that. Tim is a guy who I always wrapped my arm around and put under my wing from Day 1, helped him through times when he’s been down, and I will continue doing that.”

Hardaway similarly downplayed the incident. He acknowledged that the two did argue, but that it was a”heat of the moment type of deal.”

“Everybody in this locker room is treated as brothers,” he continued. “We’re a family and we’ve moved on.”

The supposed conflict between the two players reportedly is only the tip of the iceberg involving Anthony, as other players reportedly also confronted the Knicks star over the weekend over his supposed disdain for playing defense and that he shoots too much. Regarding the Anthony-Hardaway rift, it is speculated that it stems from Hardaway’s perception that Anthony received preferential treatment last season by then-head coach Mike Woodson.

Anthony indicated that players held a “very positive” meeting at the team’s practice facility on Saturday and ironed-out some issues.

“We felt like guys were holding things back they needed to say or get out and we had that meeting. Everybody had a platform to say how they felt about what was going on,” he said. “At this point, man, I try to just stay positive. I’m not a guy who, when darts are being thrown at me from anonymous sources, I will not allow myself to throw those darts back at my teammates. The best thing I can do is to be there for them, even when and if they’re feeling any kind of way about me personally, I have to be there. And I do that.”

Regarding the leak from sources inside the Knicks locker room about any residual animosity that supposedly exists between himself and Hardaway, Anthony suggested that another players-only meeting may be in order.

“Maybe (we should) have another meeting if it is somebody in here that’s putting the stuff out there,” Anthony said. “We need to figure that out and diffuse that because we don’t need that right now, especially when we’re losing basketball games.”

At 4-20 following the team’s 109-95 loss to the Spurs, the Knicks are off to the worst start in franchise history, something that tends to fester and cause dissent and eventually create a schism among players, something Anthony acknowledged.

“I think any time you’re losing on a team I think the easy thing is to try to figure out what’s the problem,” Anthony said. “You will have some, whether it’s guys pointing fingers … that things happen in team sports, it’s just a matter of trying to diffuse that and try to keep that away from exactly what we’re trying to do and trying to accomplish here.”