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Brian Cashman: Alex Rodriguez needs to drop a few pounds before spring training


New York Yankees general manager Brian Cashman, after meeting with the team’s strength and conditioning coach, admitted that Alex Rodriguez needs to shed some pounds before spring training to reach his targeted weight.

“Like all our players, we have a report weight we are hopeful they hit. He is approaching that,” Cashman said, per the New York Post. “He is not at the spring-training weight that we desire yet.”

Cashman arrived at the realization about A-Rod’s weight after speaking with Matt Krause, the second-year Yankees strength and conditioning coach, who worked with the third baseman on Wednesday.

“There was progress,” Cashman conceded regarding Rodriguez’s weight. “Matt continues to tweak his conditioning program.’’

Rodriguez of course did not play at all last season while serving season-long suspension for violating the league’s performance enhancing drugs policy. It’s hardly shocking that the embattled superstar isn’t at his playing weight after such a long layoff.

“Alex texted me yesterday,” Cashman added, via an report. “I said, ‘All things good with you,’ and he said, ‘Yup.'”

During his lengthy layoff from baseball during his suspension, photographs surfaced of Rodriguez seemingly carrying a few extra pounds last January (above photo), although subsequent photo evidence appeared to indicate that his apparent pudginess was not the case.

Of course, Cashman and the Yankees probably hoped that A-Rod would have been raring and ready to go at this point, given he has a lot of work to do to get himself back into the good graces of the organization, his teammates and Yankees fan alike.

Skipper Joe Girardi claimed last month he is excited about A-Rod’s return to the Yankees lineup, although that arguably was a simple case of posturing.

Considering the extensive, arguably irreparable, damage he has done to both in tarnishing his reputation and ruining his long-term legacy, it would be strongly advisable for A-Rod to play the role of model teammate heading into the 2015 MLB season. Being in top shape at spring training would be a good start.