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Indianapolis Colts mascot behaves like psycho bully during kids football game (vid)


During last Sunday’s Minnesota Vikings-New York Jets game at TCF Bank Stadium, the halftime entertainment revolved around a football game where kids took the field against mascots of Minnesota-based teams along with some other mascots from around the world of sports.

Among the visiting mascots from outstate was Blue, the equine mascot of the Indianapolis Colts.

The individual who donned the Colts mascot getup apparently was in no mood to play nice with the kiddos, as he engaged in boorish, bully-like and borderline psychotic behavior while terrorizing the children.

Among Blue’s troubling transgressions were him pushing a kid walking past him to the ground as well as tackling another kid way too hard, giving the tyke an extra shove while he already was on the ground and then taunting him. Crazy.

Holy overenthusiastic gesticulating pelvic thrusts, Batman! Seriously, though, what a jerk.

Pretty disturbing stuff, to be honest. Something tells me the guy in that mascot outfit got a stern talking-to by whoever was in charge of this seemingly friendly game of football. Given that Blue is a horse, chances are good that his mascot career is going the way of the glue factory.

[H/T SB Nation, full video available here]