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Tim Tebow pays off layaway bills for Walmart customers (video)


Tim Tebow made a surprise appearance over the weekend at a Walmart in Orlando and while there paid off the layaway bills for some very appreciative customers.

As part of a “Layaway Live” bit for “Good Morning America,” the former NFL quarterback-turned-college football analyst/media type, wearing a Santa hat, opened up the segment with customers before footage was shown of Tebow surprising customers with an early and very special holiday gift.

“You don’t understand how hard I’ve been working,” Damara Jarrett, who has experienced some troubles of late, told Tebow after he informed her that the morning news show would be paying her layaway bill. “And then I said I was going to take stuff off because I can’t afford everything, and then this. Just thank you. I just want to cry.”

Tebow’s role in brightening the holiday season for these Walmart customers brought some of those present nearly to tears. While under completely different circumstances, the emotional response evoked by Tebow was keenly similar to how fans of NFL teams he played for reacted to watching Tebow throw a 10-yard out route. A coldblooded comment, perhaps, but arguably accurate.

In any event, kudos to “GMA” and Tebow for the thoughtful gesture.

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