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Madison Bumgarner once dated a girl named Madison Bumgarner


San Francisco Giants ace and now-legendary postseason warrior Madison Bumgarner was named the “Sportsman of the Year” by Sports Illustrated on Monday.

All things considered, especially his gladiator-like performance in the World Series, when he threw 68 pitches in Game 7 to secure victory following a 117-pitch shutout of the Royals in Game 5 just two days earlier, there were few athletes more deserving this year than Bumgarner for the award.

Tom Verducci wrote up a fascinating profile of Bumgarner in light of the bestowal of the annual honor by the magazine, and it is filled with fascinating nuggets about the pitcher, but perhaps none as interesting as the fact that Bumgarner once dated a woman with the same name.

That’s right: Madison Bumgarner once went out with a gal named Madison Bumgarner.

The surprising revelation emerged in part as Verducci relayed some details about Bumgarner’s wife Ali, whom he married on Valentine’s Day in 2010, among other things.

It’s all true. That he was so good so young that he started playing coach-pitch baseball at age four against seven-year-olds, and is so adept with either hand that he shoots a bow, bats, writes and ropes righthanded, but throws from the left side. That his father, Kevin, wouldn’t let him throw a curveball until he had a driver’s license. That before he dated Ali, he dated a girl named Madison Bumgarner (“No relation, I’m sure of it”). That he was married in a white, open-collar shirt and blue jeans while carrying a pocket-knife. That he bought Ali a cow just before their wedding (though not specifically as a wedding present), and she loved it.


In addition to the Madison Bumgarner he dated at South Caldwell High, there is another girl named Madison Bumgarner enrolled now in the school.

Bumgarner apparently is a pretty popular name in North Carolina, where the pitcher grew up. But that doesn’t take away from the sheer insanity of two people dating who share the same name. Perhaps that coincidence was the motivating factor that got the two together in the first place.

One question, though, remains about the female Madison Bumgarner: Could she chug beers six at a time in the same manner as her onetime boyfriend? Doubtful.