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Disgruntled fans behind anti-Jets GM site to distribute ‘Fire Idzik’ penalty flags (pic)


The disgruntled New York Jets fans behind a website and movement that has loudly called for the dismissal of embattled general manager John Idzik have one more public display of dissatisfaction in store before the book is closed on the team’s nightmare season.

The fans who operate the anti-Idzik site,, intend to distribute “penalty flag protest towels” bearing a very specific message about what they believe the team should do about the general manager who has been under fire for a majority of the Jets’ miserable year on the gridiron.

The penalty flag protest towels implore Jets owner Woody Johnson to deliver a pink-slip to not only the much-maligned Idzik, but also team president Neil Glat and scouting director Terry Bradway and reads, “Attention Woody, Fire Glat! Fire Bradway! Fire Idzik! Clean House!”

Surprisingly, throughout the entire grassroots movement, Rex Ryan’s name seemingly has never been mentioned, although that probably won’t save the presumably lame duck head coach’s job by any stretch.

The “Fire John Idzik” movement’s essential intent clearly is to embarrass the Jets into making drastic changes in its front office. It has received considerable media coverage for its antics, gambits that have involved such displays of unhappiness with the status quo as erecting anti-Idzik roadside billboards nearby MetLife Stadium.

The site has inspired others to take up the cause as well, as another individual allegedly not affiliated with the site flew an airplane over a Jets practice in November trailing a banner bearing the movement’s rallying cry “FIRE JOHN IDZIK.”

The New York Post reports that 10,000 “penalty flags” will be distributed for free to fans at New York-area sports bars who have tickets to the team’s final home game at MetLife Stadium, a Dec. 21 showdown with the New England Patriots, meaning there’s a good chance a substantial contingent of fans in the stands may be waving these things in unison. Talk about “terrible towels.”

The flags also are available for purchase on the official site for $15 apiece. The price of the flags are discounted for those who wish to buy the protest penalty flags in bulk. For instance, if one incredibly disgruntled Jets fan wanted to purchase 100 of these flags, it would only run them $100.

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