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J.J. Watt on playing tight end: ‘I have no idea what they’re saying in the huddle’ (vid)


While his inordinately successful production when taking snaps with the Houston Texans offense may belie it, all-world football player J.J. Watt’s admission about how he is relatively clueless about what’s going around him while playing tight end is nevertheless surprising.

“I have no idea what they’re saying in the huddle on offense. I swear to God,” Watt humbly reveals, via The Big Lead. “I have no clue what the play calls are or anything.”

It’s not surprising in the least that Watt does not pore over the offense’s playbook all week in anticipation of being involved in one play at best in any given game. But the fact that he has three receiving touchdowns on three passes thrown in his direction this season means one can only imagine what this guy could accomplish if he actually spent time working on the craft of being an NFL tight end. A frightening prospect, indeed.

Back in 1990 when he was head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles, Buddy Ryan, when providing the reason why he was cutting future Hall of Famer Chris Carter  infamously said something along the lines of “All he does is catch touchdowns.” Given that proved to be a vastly inaccurate assessment of Carter as a receiver as his legendary career progressed, perhaps it’s time now to bestow that description on J.J. Watt, although that hardly would do justice to everything the best defensive player in the NFL brings to the table.