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Did Didi Gregorius’ sketch of Derek Jeter essentially predicted the future? (photo)


Multiple outlets, including FOX Sports, are reporting that a trade has been consummated involving three teams that will deliver Arizona Diamondbacks shortstop Didi Gregorius to the New York Yankees, meaning the Bronx Bombers in making the deal found their replacement for the dearly departed (from baseball, not this mortal coil) Derek Jeter.

All the reporters, what with their conjecture, speculation and reading of tea leaves and so on about how the Yankees would address Jeter’s retirment could have saved themselves loads of time simply by reviewing the 24-year-old shortstop’s social media activity from months ago, as it appears Gregorius may have been predicting the future on Twitter.

Gregorius routinely posts samples of his doodling and drawings from his sketchbook. Back in October, the heir apparent to Jeter posted a sketch in pencil of “The Captain” himself, meaning that in a way, the new Yankee may have been as good of a soothsayer as he is a shortstop.


“Re2pect to the captain…..” Gregorius wrote in a tweet posted on Oct. 6.

A perusal of the young ballplayer’s Twitter account indicates he has an affinity for drawing, not to mention some skill with the pencils. Yankees fans hope he is as near as adept with his glove and bat as the man whose considerable shoes he now will have to fill, no matter the difficulty of the task with which he is charged.

[New York Post, photo credit: Christian Petersen/Getty Images]