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Standoffish Colin Kaepernick doesn’t say much during awkward interview session

San Francisco 49ers v Arizona Cardinals

Colin Kaepernick clearly was not in the mood to talk during an awkward interview session with media members on Wednesday.

The San Francisco 49ers quarterback, coming off a game in which he was vastly outplayed by Russell Wilson in a 19-3 loss to the Seattle Sehawks on Thanksgiving, used only 87 words to answer 32 questions during the bizarre 3½-minute interview session, per a San Jose Mercury News report.

Kapernick answered several questions during his weekly media session regarding the team’s upcoming game against the Oakland Raiders with a series of short, terse responses.

A transcript of the entire uncomfortable back-and-forth, via the Mercury News:

How was practice out there? A little wet?


Where is the focus at?

“The Raiders.”

What about you personally?

“The Raiders.”

What do you see in the Raiders?

“They’re a good team.”

When you looked at tape of the Seattle game, what struck you about the offense?

“We didn’t play well.”

And why?

“We didn’t execute.”

Any explanation why you didn’t execute? Was it mostly you guys or what Seattle was doing?

“It was us.”

Growing up in this region, what did you think of this 49ers-Raiders rivalry and did you follow it?

“I was a Packers fan.”

You almost became a Raider back in the draft. How many times did you visit with the Raiders?


Who did you meet with?

“Hue (Jackson).”

And what vibe did you get from Hugh and whether they wanted you?

“A good one.”

Did you work out at the facility there?


Work out at Nevada?


Just a meet and greet?


What’s the confidence level of this team right now? Did Thursday’s loss take its toll?


Why is that?

“We know what we have to do. We played bad.”

When you have a game, is it one of those things you can’t wait for the next week?


How are you guys able to compartmentalize all the rumors of coach Harbaugh possibly not being here next year, and whether it’s the Raiders or Michigan?

“I don’t pay attention.”

Is that hard, though; you guys are human?


What do you think about the rumors surrounding Harbaugh?

“Look at his resume. You’ll get your answer.”

Do you want him to be your head coach next year?


What are you looking forward to on Sunday?


Curious to see the Black Hole and Raiders stadium in person?

“I’ve been there before.”

As a fan?

“Punt, Pass and Kick.”

How old were you?

“I don’t remember.”

How did you fare?

“Second and third.”

What categories?

“Two different years.”

Vernon, has he physically looked OK or why hasn’t he been a bigger part of the offense?

“He’s physically fine.”

His numbers are dramatically down?

“I couldn’t tell you.”

No idea?


Were you about 11 when you did the punt, pass, kick?

“I don’t remember.”

One question: Was Kaepernick wearing Beats by Dre headphones during the interview session? That would have been something.

Either way, Kaepernick clearly took note of how Robert Griffin III stole a page from the “Bill Belichick’s Guide to Shutting Out the Media” before meeting with reporters.

Kaepernick was a woeful 16-for-29 for 121 yards with two interceptions in San Francisco’s embarrassing loss to Seattle last week. The Niners arguably will need a better performance from its suddenlty struggling franchise quarterback if it hopes to win this weekend, even if their opponent is the terrible Raiders.