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Bubba Watson finally reveals meaning behind mysterious finger tattoo (photo)

2014 Ryder Cup - Day 2

Bubba Watson started showing up at golf tournaments a few months ago with a mysterious tattoo located on his finger. Given that the specific location of said tattoo was his left ring finger, it led many to suspect it had something to do with the 10-year wedding anniversary to his wife, Angie, a milestone the couple celebrated in September, shortly before the tattoo made its believed first appearance.

The truth now has been revealed, and it was what everyone suspected: The tattoo is a quasi-wedding band of sorts bearing his wife’s name.

Watson showcased the new ink at Tiger Woods’ Hero World Challenge event on Wednesday.

Mystery solved.

It’s hardly surprising, though, that the guy who performed the tattoo work didn’t have an inkling of an idea that Bubba Watson is a millionaire professional golfer. Typically, tattoo artists — or those within the tattoo community — don’t usually mix with folks from the pro golf world, even someone who has broken the mold of what being a typical professional golfer entails like Bubba.

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