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Tom Brady dons silly wig, plays telemarketer in fantasy football commercial (video)


As Tom Brady dazzles fans with his fantastic play on the gridiron this season, the New England Patriots quarterback continues to dominate in delighting his fans with his off-the-field shenanigans and demonstrations of a not-so-serious personality, courtesy of a new, amusing commercial.

The spot, for fantasy football outfit DailyMVP, features Brady as “Gary,” a telemarketer who rules the office roost with his stellar fantasy sports play.

The ridiculous wig Brady rocks in the commercial really seals the deal. Boom-shaka-laka, indeed.

Brady truly has kicked it up a notch this season as he has cultivated an engrossing, often humorous, off-field persona, specifically via his social media activity, where he has utilized “Throwback Thursday” to post self-deprecating pics from his younger days as well as poke fun at Patriots head coach Bill Belichick, among other sorts of silliness.

It’s a refreshing side of Brady’s personality most folks are unaccustomed to seeing, making him that much more of an appealing and affable superstar.

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