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Tiger Woods says he lost five pounds from playing soccer with his kids


As any parent certainly knows, simply trying to keep up with children can be an exhaustive task akin to a grueling workout. As Tiger Woods apparently has learned, putting not one but two rambunctious kids on a soccer field and then spend some time chasing them around and a parent has a worthy exercise regimen that will not only keep a person in shape, it will also help them shed a few pounds.

Woods claims that running around with Sam and Charlie on the pitch has helped him shed five pounds during his most recent round rehabilitation to deal with a back injury, one that followed a surgical procedure earlier this year.

“I can basically play with my kids and do whatever I want,” Woods said when discussing how much better his back has been feeling of late, per Eye on Golf. “We’ve been playing a ton of soccer in the backyard just about every day.”

Overall physical fitness — not just “golf shape” — of course has always been a critical component of Woods’ training since he burst onto the scene, perhaps to a degree unprecedented in golf before his emergence. Having a couple of tykes to chase around will only help keep him in good shape.

Woods, currently playing on Wednesday in the Pro-Am event ahead of the tournament in his World Golf Challenge in Windmere, Fla., said earlier this week during a radio interview that he feels “great,” and finally feels fully healthy. But is the 38-year-old healthy enough — and hungry enough — to resume his pursuit of Jack Nicklaus’ major record, though, something that has been derailed and detoured due to a litany of nagging injuries over the previous handful of years,? That remains to be seen.

But one thing is certain: Golf is a much more fascinating sport when Tiger Woods is at his best. Love him or hate him, Woods draws interest, which means the game, the players and the fans benefit from his presence.