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Justin Bieber manages to curse Patriots, Clippers in one fell, annoying swoop (vid/pics)


A confluence of events and an unpredictable occurrence of circumstances conspired Monday night in L.A. that very well could result in a possible curse being laid upon two well-respected and successful professional sports franchises, the New England Patriots and the Los Angeles Clippers.

To make matters worse, the curse is none other than the dreaded Curse of Justin Bieber, spawned by the presence and random support of the bandwagon-jumping pop star who hasn’t met a team he wouldn’t act as if he he truly supports.

Following the Clippers’ 127-101 win over the Minnesota Timberwolves Monday night, head coach Doc Rivers invited Patriots players Rob Gronkowski, Akeem Ayers, Darius Fleming, Jonas Gray and Shane Vereen into the locker room for a meet and greet, as the Patriots players presently are in San Diego, where the team is practicing this week ahead of a showdown with the Chargers.

And wouldn’t you know it? None other than the Biebster himself also happened to be in the locker room, leading to interactions between Pats players and Bieber, something that was presumably as awkward to participate in as it is to watch.

Here’s Gronk and Biebs mugging for the camera.

And Bieber and Blake Griffin chatting it up.


The Biebermesiter posing with the contingent of Patriots players hanging in the locker room.

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Perhaps in a predictably futile attempt to undo the bad mojo imparted upon the respective teams as a result of fraternizing with Bieber, the Patriots players posed for a pic with Clippers point guard Chris Paul.

Good grief. Let’s hope Patriots fans enjoyed the team’s remarkable run of success through the regular season. It all goes downhill from here. The same reasonably can be said for the Clippers, too. So it goes when a team comes into contact with the nefarious, soul-crushing and spirit-draining Curse of Bieber. It happened to the Pittsburgh Steelers earlier this season, don’t count the out the same happening to these two teams.

(top photo credit: Jonas Gray/Twitter)