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Geno Smith says it was his idea not to run out with starters during pregame intros


In what seemed like a wise decision — for once —  by the New York Jets, the team opted to not have Geno Smith run out with the starters on offense during pregame introductions before the team hosted the Miami Dolphins at MetLife Stadium on Monday night. At least that was the prevailing theory at the time.

It was presumed by those in the know that this was an astute move made by the team in the interests of preventing the embattled second-year quarterback from having to run out on to the field to a chorus of boos from disgruntled, disappointed and surly Jets fans. And this was before the Jets went out and dropped its 10th game of the season, losing 16-13 to the Dolphins, a game in which Smith was as nonexistent as a starting quarterback can be, going 7-for-13 for 65 yards and an interception.

It turns out, though, that this wasn’t the Jets’ idea at all. At last if Geno Smith is to be believed.

Smith insists it was all his idea not to run out with the starters. And it had absolutely nothing to do with avoiding a vitriolic and vocal onslaught from Jets fans, either. Instead, Smith explains, he chose to run out with the non-starters as some kind of team-building exercise.

“No, not at all,” Smith said after the game, per Rich Cimini of “I wanted to run out with my guys. I just wanted to go out there with them. I wanted to watch my offensive line come out and watch the rest of the guys come out and shake their hands and be a part of the team and do those things. There was no direct reasoning for it. It was just my decision.”

A strange decision, though, one that certainly doesn’t add up given that a quarterback is presumed to be the leader of the offense. So why not conduct oneself how a leader should?

Perhaps any further parsing of Smith’s possible motivation for doing what he did will only result in speculative paralysis by over-analysis. But with the 2-10 Jets, nothing is as it seems and there’s always more to the than what can be gleaned from simply taking things at face value, especially when it comes to the dysfunction surrounding the quarterback position.