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Evander Kane posts pic of himself doing push-ups with stacks of cash on back (photo)


Winnipeg Jets star Evander Kane returned to a social media visual motif both his fans and critics should be all too familiar with on Monday when he posted a photo of himself doing push-ups while bearing the weight of several fat stacks of cash.

Kane, who already has earned approximately $16 million in his young career, previously resorted to such antics during the NHL lockout a few years ago when he posted a photograph on social media of himself relaxing on a Las Vegas balcony holding a stack of cash in one hand while holding another stack up to his ear in a move he claimed at the time was a joke intended to mimic how Floyd Mayweather pulled the same move in an HBO documentary.


Kane was vilified by some for posting the photo, especially during the lockout.

The pile-of-money-push-ups demonstration likely won’t ingratiate Kane to his many and very vocal critics who feel the 23-year-old talent loaded with unlimited potential hasn’t yet lived up to the hype, much less the 6-year, $31.5 million contract he signed with the Jets in 2012.

For the record, Kane, in 17 games this season, hasn’t produced as much as his supporters likely would hope he would, scoring only four goals and tallying five assists, making him a minus-1 for the 12-9-4 Jets. His critics, on the other hand, probably love the fact that Kane arguably has given them more ammunition with which they can unleash their ire for the star.

But in the end, it’s simply a silly photo that is relatively meaningless in the grand scheme of things, although one has to wonder, given what happened the last time he pulled such a stunt, exactly why Kane would choose to post the photograph in the first place.

[H/T, top image credit: Evander Kane/Instagram]