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Aaron Rodgers: Packers-Patriots game is not a matter of him against Tom Brady


The match-up between the Green Bay Packers and New England Patriots in a Week 13 showdown on Sunday easily is one of the most highly anticipated games thus far this season. Two red-hot teams being led by equally on-fire quarterbacks at Lambeau Field in what arguably could be considered a Super Bowl preview? That’s what NFL football should be all about as November eases into December.

Many are painting the game as some kind of head-to-head match-up between Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady. The Packers signal-caller, while likely recognizing the that it’s easy to put the game in such a perspective, wisely realizes that the game is not about that at all.

Rodgers has never faced the Patriots, nor Tom Brady, in his career, playing a backup role in a 2006 match-up and was injured when the teams played each other in 2010.

And if Rodgers had his druthers, he would prefer not playing teams led by the likes of Brady, or Peyton Manning, for that matter. Because, as Rodgers plainly put it, they’re real good players. Although he envisions one day having a storied history with a quarterbacking counterpart as Brady and Manning have enjoyed during their careers.

“I’d like to think that at some point by the end of my career, I’ll have a number of matchups against a quarterback in the NFC who they like, much in the way that they like Brady and Manning, and they can make some comparison there, but I won’t have any void from not playing those guys,” Rodgers said during his weekly ESPN Milwaukee show on Tuesday, per I’d rather not; they’re great players.”

While it makes for compelling headlines to make it a Rodgers vs. Brady showdown, the game will be all about match-ups that have nothing to do with the respective quarterbacks. Given that he and Brady will never be on the field at the same time, the game will be more about him against the Patriots defense and Brady versus the Packers defense.

“I have a ton of respect for them in their careers, but again I don’t ever look at it like it’s one quarterback against another,” Rodgers said about Brady and Manning. “It takes 11 every single play to be effective.”

Rodgers is correct in downplaying the notion that it’s all about him and Brady, but when it comes down to it, whichever quarterback plays better on Sunday will likely be celebrating a huge victory while the other mulls over a disappointing loss.

(photo credit: The Courier-Journal)