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J.J. Watt thanks Houston police, fire departments in note, delivers pizza to station (pic)


If J.J. Watt wasn’t respected enough as it is courtesy of his supreme football skills and reputation as an all-around good guy, the Houston Texans defensive lineman goes and pulls a stunt like this … and makes him all the more worthy of our admiration.

Watt had pizza delivered to a Houston fire station on Tuesday to thank the firefighters for everything they do on a day-to-day basis. Not only that, Watt wrote an immaculately handwritten note to express his sincere gratitude and appreciation to both the Houston Fire Department and Houston Police Department.

But did he make the pizzas? He is somewhat learned in the art of pie-making, after all (above).

The note reads in part, “You show up day in & day out, never knowing what the day might hold and never getting enough thanks for what you do, yet you still continue to others before yourselves and save lives because of it. As athletes, we often get the headlines and big crowds, but just like the men & women in our military, y’all are the ones who truly deserve the credit, appreciation & admiration.”


Ladies and gentlemen, J.J. Watt: Arguably the nicest guy in the NFL.

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