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Sacramento Kings win the Internet with delightful ugly sweater photo shoot (pics)


As we barrel uncontrollably — perhaps reluctantly for some — headlong into the holiday season, let these photos of Sacramento Kings players rocking ugly Christmas sweaters for a very Yuletide-themed photo shoot serve as a reminder to some that for all the stress, time crunches, frantic dashes to the mall and the other assorted annoyances the season brings with it, there is still plenty of joy to be had.

To wit:



Also, for those with kids/families: It’s never too soon to get ahead of the curve and get those annual holiday photo cards in the mail. You know, so you can annoy friends, family and loved ones with a deluge of unnecessary mailings.

And for those of you who send your annual family updates with said holiday photos? Well, some things are best left unsaid.

Sheesh, for all the happiness these Kings photos brought, the thought of family update letters put me right back in the anti-holiday meat grinder.

Bah humbug, indeed.

Oh wait, here’s one more fantastic photograph.


Ha! That did the trick … that one is the tops … easily the best of the bunch. Now the good feelings are back. Thanks, Sacramento Kings!

Also, just a note: There is a line of NBA-themed ugly Christmas sweaters featuring individual players available for purchase. Good to know.

(to see all the photos from the shoot, see here)

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