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Rick Pitino says he will get another tattoo should Louisville win another title


Rick Pitino has made another bold proclamation as the Louisville Cardinals men’s basketball team embarks on another season, one he has made previously but it won’t take the “sting” out of making good on the promise should a certain eventuality occur.

Mid-way through the 2012-2013 season, Pitino promised his basketball players that if the team won the national title, he would get a tattoo to commemorate the momentous achievement.

Of course, the Cardinals defeated the Michigan Wolverines in the National Championship Game and Pitino, to his credit, made good on his word.

Pitino apparently enjoys getting inked, because he’s made the same promise this season: If the Cardinals can somehow win another national championship, he will get another tattoo.

“I’m definitely getting one,” Pitino told Seth Davis in a Campus Insiders interview. “Much bigger this time.”

Pitino’s tattoo from two seasons ago is a simple testament to Louisville’s national title. It features the Louisville “L,” along with a mention of the team’s 38-5 record and “2013 NCAA National Champions.”

If Pitino will get an even bigger, grander tattoo, it will be interesting to see where he gets it should the Cardinals somehow win another national title. Maybe a nifty tattoo circling his neck would do the trick. Yeah? No? No.

Either way, let’s just hope Pitino seeks out a gifted tattoo artist and doesn’t end up with something like this nightmare fuel Rick Pitino tattoo. That wouldn’t be good.

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