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Joakim Noah throws temper tantrum after foul on DeMarcus Cousins flop (video)


Joakim Noah is as emotional a basketball player as there is in the NBA. It’s never difficult to ascertain how exactly the Chicago Bulls center is feeling, for better or worse.

And on Thursday night at Sleep Train Arena in a game against the Sacramento Kings, it was definitely for the worse.

Noah didn’t have the best night on offense in Chicago’s 103-88 loss to Sacramento, scoring only 10 points in a 5-13 shooting night, but he played marginally better on the defensive end, somewhat containing DeMarcus Cousins, who scored 22 points but shot only 9-19 from the field.

The battle between Noah and Cousins came to a head during the third quarter. With Cousins in possession of the ball under the Bulls’ basket, Noah reached in … and Cousins flopped, drawing a fifth foul on Noah.

This caused Noah to go into complete meltdown mode, stomping demonstratively. So exaggerated were Noah’s protestations, what with the stomping and hollering and whatnot, that he was assessed a technical foul.

He continued to fume on the bench afterward.


Noah’s temper tantrum is the second time in as many games at Sacramento that the center has flipped out. In a game last season, things went even worse for Noah, as he was ejected from the game after he dropped f-bombs on the referees during an unhinged meltdown.

Noah admitted after the game Thursday that he has to do a better job of controlling his emotions.

“I think I just have to calm down a little bit in those frustrating situations. Ticky-tack foul, you know? Frustration is part of the game,” Noah said, via the Chicago Tribune. I have to control my emotions the best way possible. I’m an emotional player but I want to win the game so I have to be smarter. Learn from my mistakes. Keep it moving.”

He even acknowledged that his ejection last season was on his mind as he was losing it.

“Yeah, it did. (Shoot), two years in a row wouldn’t have been good,” Noah said. “In these frustrating situations, I have to keep my cool.”

But if he had kept his cool, he wouldn’t be Joakim Noah. Keeping control of his emotions while allowing his passion propel his game is a fine line to walk, that’s for sure.

(GIFS via SB Nation/photo credit: Kelley L. Cox/USA TODAY Sports)