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Sixers are so awful Papa John’s had to change its pizza promotion in Philly

Many NBA markets presumably have a similar promotional tie-in, as the Philadelphia 76ers do (or did), between Papa John’s and the basketball team. The standard deal is this: If the NBA team wins a game on a given night, all a fan has to do is punch in a coupon code into the pizza delivery joint’s online ordering system the next day and — voila! — they get 50% off their pizza.

This kind of promotion is all well and good for NBA teams that, you know, actually win from time to time.

Whether the Philadelphia 76ers are losing games because the organization is tanking — which is almost universally alleged or suspected — or the team is inept, inexperienced and simply just that bad of a basketball team, the Sixers are losing games at an alarmingly awful rate.

As it stands heading into Friday’s game against the Phoenix Suns, the 76ers have not won a single game this season, going 0-11 in an exhibition of truly terrible basketball.

So bad, in fact, that Papa John’s in Philly have had to alter their promotion simply so fans could get something, anything out of paying attention to the team, even if it involves the pizza place’s relationship with the the Sixers.

Instead of getting 50% off pizza after a 76ers win, Papa John’s patrons in Philly get half-off their pizzas whenever the team manages to score 90 points. Win, loss, doesn’t matter.


What a deal. Better ingredients. Better off not following the Sixers. Papa John’s.

And worth noting: The 76ers have only broken the 90-point threshold once so far this season.

All kidding aside, whatever is going on behind the scenes with the 76ers and rumors of tanking and whatnot, a person cannot help but feel for the players. They may be on an awful team, but they are all men who presumably have a lot of pride. It must be crushing to realize that there is little to no chance of winning a game before even stepping on the court.

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