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Marshawn Lynch to appeal $100,000 fine for violating NFL media policy


Marshawn Lynch’s agent reportedly has indicated that the Seattle Seahawks running back intends to appeal the fine levied against him by the NFL after he did not make himself available to the media following the team’s 24-20 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs Sunday.

Lynch was fined $50,000 for his latest supposed transgression in violation of NFL policy, but an additional $50,000 that was held in abeyance from last season as added, meaning the running back essentially was fined $100,000 for the incident.

Doug Hendrickson, Lynch’s agent, reportedly told Pro Football Talk by phone that extenuating circumstances prevented the running back from speaking to the media. Hendrickson specifically cited Lynch’s aching back, an injury that prevented him from even joining the team in the locker room at halftime in order to receive treatment on it on the sideline.

Hendrickson told PFT that Lynch’s back was even in worse shape after the game, so he dressed and went out to the team bus to lie down.

Lynch’s agent recalled a conversation he had with the running back, who was on the bus at the time, as follows.

“Dude, I screwed up,” Lynch told Hendrickson, referring to the failure to talk to reporters before leaving the locker room.

“Go back in,” Hendrickson replied.

“I can’t even move,” Lynch said.  “My back’s killing me.”

Hendrickson pointed out that Lynch did conduct an interview with Mike Silver of NFL Media, something that should count for something related to the rule that he has to make himself available to reporters and may help in his appeal.

An amusing aside emerged from the news that Lynch had been fined on Wednesday. The media reportedly descended upon Lynch in the locker room to ask about the fine. Of course, Lynch wasn’t interested in talking about it.

“Why all y’all crowding around me,” Lynch reportedly asked, per an ESPN report.

And then this delightful back-and-forth occurred, as chronicled by NFL Nation’s Terry Blount.

Lynch was asked what he thought about Seahawks coach Pete Carroll’s comments, who also said Lynch was being treated on the sideline.

“I don’t know what he talked about,” Lynch said. “I’m interested in y’alls take on it. What did you feel about it?”

When asked about his back, Lynch talked about his shoes.

“My cleats, it’s a nice feel,” Lynch said. “Right here in my inner sole, they put some heaters in here. It’s pretty nice. It’s a great feeling. And they put this little squiggling line here that’s looks like an M and an L for Marshawn Lynch. It’s pretty nice. I like to play in these. These are nice cleats.”

Whatever one thinks about Lynch, one thing cannot be debated: He certainly is one compelling personality, not to mention a guy who will go out of his way to return a fan’s lost wallet. What an interesting character.

(photo credit: Steven Bisig, USA TODAY Sports)