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Justin Rose humorously tries to one-up Rory McIlroy’s intense workout regimen (pic)


Rory McIlroy is the No. 1-ranked golfer in the world. And justifiably so, as there is no other player swinging the sticks better on the planet.

But McIlroy did not become the world’s greatest golfer without an intense dedication to practice on the course and a grueling commitment to hard work off of it.

The 25-year-old superstar undertook an intense workout regimen as he became more devoted to the game of golf, the likes of which was unheard of in the days of yore, but one that has been adopted by many players on Tour, arguably inspired by Tiger Woods’ commitment to complete fitness. These days, it’s not just about getting into “golf shape” for these athletes.

In doing so, McIlroy has carved himself into an impressive specimen touting the benefits of a devotion to all-around physical fitness.

McIlroy posted a compelling photograph to Instagram on Wednesday that provided ample evidence that when it comes to pumping iron, he’s no slouch, as the golfer is shown squatting an obscene amount of weight.

A photo posted by Rory McIlroy (@rorymcilroy) on

“Great leg workout to start the day! #betterneverstops,” McIlroy writes. And then some.

The photograph unsurprisingly drew a lot of attention, including some from his fellow pro golfer colleagues.

Justin Rose, no slouch in the physical fitness department himself — not to mention a more-than-capable golfer, currently ranked seventh in the world — decided to have a little fun with McIlroy, playfully mocking Rory’s impressive workout with a photograph of himself pumping some iron.

A photo posted by Justin Rose (@justinprose99) on

Rose writes, “I’ll see your 400lbs and raise you 10! #Poker #GoBigOrGoHome”

Indeed. And well played, Mr. Rose.

But as those of us who make lifting weights a part of every day — heh — everybody knows that a true measure of strength is not squats, but an entirely different weightlifting regimen altogether.

With that in mind, allow us to ask you, Rory McIlroy:

How much ya bench?

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