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Forget his beard, James Harden’s hippy-dippy shirt is thing to be feared (video)


Other than his spectacularly silky-smooth offensive game, James Harden is primarily known for his unique facial hair. But after the whacked-out shirt he was spotted sporting prior to Wednesday’s game against the Los Angeles Lakers, he may soon be better known for his propensity for fashion fails.

Seriously, get a look at that tripped-out top that hearkens back and pays homage to everything that was garish and over-the-top with the fashion from the ’60s.

Wowee zowee, it looks like a broken lava lamp or something.

Was Harden on his way to play a basketball game or did he erroneously believe he was headed to a Phish concert? Get the guy a grilled cheese sandwich pronto, man.

A lot has been made of Harden’s woeful work on the defensive end of the court, but let’s be perfectly frank here: There’s no defense for that shirt. Can ya dig it?

And for the record, Harden scored 24 points in a 98-92 loss to the Lakers. No one is saying that the shirt had something to do with losing to the lowly Lakers, but no one is saying that it didn’t, either.