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Flyers GM Ron Hextall unleashes fiery, f-bomb-infused tirade on team after loss


Ron Hextall was known as the ultimate competitor during his stellar 13-year NHL career, spent mostly with the Philadelphia Flyers. The goaltending great was accustomed to winning more often than losing, too, as evidenced by his 296-214-69 career record.

Those aspects of Hextall’s personality and relative success in his playing career may have played a part in a reported meltdown the general manager suffered when he unleashed an f-bomb-heavy tirade upon the team following a listless, 2-0 losing effort to the New York Rangers on Wednesday night at Madison Square Garden, the team’s third-straight loss.

Reports coming out of the Flyers’ locker room after the game indicate that Hextall let the players have it over their collective performance, and it wasn’t a G-rated lecture filled with positivity and encouraging words, either.

“ARE YOU F–KING KIDDING ME? THAT’S F–KING EMBARRASSING! JESUS F–KING CHRIST!” Hextall reportedly was heard furiously bellowing at the players in the team’s changing room as reporters were interviewing goalie Steve Mason nearby.

Hextall was asked about the tirade — presumably cautiously by the media — when meeting with reporters a short time later. What ensued was an awkward back-and-forth where Hextall attempted to downplay the incident by essentially acting as if it never happened, despite the fact that everyone within shouting distance heard it (via Puck Daddy):

Was this the first time Hextall had gone in to lecture his players after a loss this season?

“Went in where?” he responded serenely, about 10 minutes after his rant. 

Into the changing room.

“Hollered at who?”

The players.

“I haven’t done it [this season],” he said, before being pressed. “I’m not gonna confirm or deny. I’ll just say I was very disappointed.”

Hextall expanded upon his feelings of disappointment, albeit absent the expletive-ridden commentary he reportedly saved for his players.

“Yeah, yeah, that bothered me a lot,” Hextall said about the team’s poor performance. “I didn’t think … we didn’t come out hungry enough. We didn’t play well. We gotta be a lot better than that.”

Indeed. The loss dropped the Flyers to a 7-8-2 record with the Minnesota Wild heading into town for a Thursday night showdown. Sometimes lighting a fire under a team works, sometimes it backfires. It remains to be seen if Hextall is capable of pushing the right buttons with his team.

(photo credit: Len Redkoles /NHL/Getty)