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How Belichickian: RG3 says ‘focused on San Francisco’ nine times in presser (video)


Robert Griffin III has found himself smack dab in the middle of a media firestorm — arguably of his own creation — this week, and on Wednesday did his very best to turn the tide away from the smoldering controversy by invoking one of Bill Belichick’s latest, greatest media stonewalling tricks.

The Washington Redskins quarterback invoked the phrase “focused on San Francisco” when answering questions and alarming nine times in one press conference.

A sampling.

A partial transcript of the debacle, courtesy of For the Win:

Q: You’re a guy who’s enjoyed talking to the media, enjoys the interaction, but yet you’re always in the center of some sort of controversy. Is there any thought to dialing it back and saying less and not being in the center of it all?
A: Yeah man, like I said we’re focused on San Francisco. That’s all we got.


Q: How does a quarterback improve precision on his footwork and things like that?
A: Like I said, just focus on San Francisco now.
Q: Do you feel you put in the mental, off the field and out of the weight room work [that ESPN’s Steve Young] alluded to?
A: Focus on San Francisco man. We’re not letting anybody on the outside distract us from that.

Of course, the gambit was a nod to the Belichickian method that the Patriots head coach infamously utilized “We’re on to Cincinnati” following a brutal 41-14 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs earlier this season.

Thankfully, the Redskins do in fact face the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday. Imagine if Washington was playing some other team. That would have made it even worse.

The entire awkward press conference can be seen here, if a person is interested in listening to RG3 repeat himself ad nauseam.