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Marshawn Lynch plays Good Samaritan, returns Seahawks fan’s lost wallet


Marshawn Lynch often gets a bad rap for coming off as somewhat aloof, but that generally involves only his often terse interactions with the media. A story that surfaced this week about the Seattle Seahawks bruising running back playing the role of Good Samaritan will only help improve his reputation as generally a good guy, albeit a misunderstood one.

Several members of the Seahawks organization, including Lynch, Luke Willson, Bobby Wagner and Ricardo Lockette, paid a visit to Marysville-Pilchuck High School, the site of a tragic shooting in late October, earlier this week to help brighten the day of a traumatized student body and community. The Seahawks previously welcomed the football team from the school for a practice.

Upon leaving the school, Lynch stopped at a local gas station to fill up his Mercedes van. Seahawks fan Jason Lynch saw the running back, but elected not to bother him. But in the process of recognizing Lynch, he must have dropped his wallet.

Not realizing what had happened, imagine the fan’s surprise when he returned home to find out that none other than Marshawn Lynch had dropped by his house to drop off the misplaced wallet.

Lynch posted the following telling of the tale to his Facebook page (via KIRO-TV):

“Crazy!  So I’m at the shell station in Marysville.  I’m getting in my car when I see a giant Mercedez van pull up playing music super loud.  Marshawn Lynch jumps out and walks into the store.  I thought asking for a picture but was in my work clothes and decided not to bother him.  I leave to go pick up Junior … what I didn’t know was that I dropped my wallet.  When I got home about 10 minutes later my neighbor knocks on door.  She told me I would never guess who brought this to her …I had no clue, but when she said Marshawn Lynch I was shocked!  I guess I was so distracted by the van pulling up I dropped my wallet.  My neighbor said Marshawn, Richardo Lockette and a cameraman were headed to Marysville Pilchuck and decided to bring it to me on the way there.  My neighbor tried asking for a pic but they politely refused and their only concern was that I got my wallet back.  I can’t thank them guys enough for bringing it back and for making my neighbor a very happy lady for getting to a chance to meet them.”

Lynch, the running back, retweeted the below from Lynch, the benefactor of his act of kindness, that expressed the fan’s gratitude.

What a thoughtful act. Again, Marshawn Lynch isn’t a bad guy, just misunderstood.