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Lindsey Vonn defends beau Tiger Woods’ scathing commentary on ‘fake’ interview


In a development that is shocking to no one, Lindsey Vonn, Tiger Woods’ longtime girlfriend, stood by her man and agreed with his decision to write a scathing commentary in response to the “fake” interview published by Golf Digest where longtime journalist Dan Jenkins conducted an “interview” with the golfer.

“We talked about the article and that he was going to say something,” Vonn told USA Today Sports. “I completely agree with him. I agree with his statement and I’m glad that he did it. That’s not journalism. It was like a fabricated interview, like what (Jenkins) thinks Tiger would say.”

As noted pretty much everywhere, it was abundantly clear that the so-called interview was a complete fabrication. To wit:

fake-tiger-interview fake-interview-tiger

But that did not dissuade Woods from taking great offense to the article, one that wasn’t even posted online by Golf Digest until Tiger raised a write-up ruckus over it.

Still, Vonn asserts, like her boyfriend Woods, that Jenkins took it to an inappropriate level.

“But it went way too far, and it wasn’t very clear that it was a joke, that it was fabricated,” Vonn argued. “If you read it, you might think that it was actually Tiger talking. The whole thing is completely ridiculous.”

Perhaps so, but to suggest that it was difficult for the average reader to ascertain that it was satirical in nature and completely inauthentic stretches the reality of situation quite a bit.

Jenkins, a venerated sportswriter who is well-respected by peers and readers alike, took to Twitter to sarcastically respond to Woods’ allegations of journalistic impropriety.

Zing. This entire fracas obviously will blow over in due time. But until then, the only real winners in this sordid, snarky saga are Golf Digest, a magazine that knows all about capitalizing on controversy, and Derek Jeter’s The Players’ Tribune, which published Woods’ diatribe. Jenkins may win out a bit in light of the promotion as well, but the only loser in the overwrought tête-à-tête between journalist and golfer is Tiger Woods, who comes off arguably as a bit oversensitive and without a sense of humor.

(top image credit: Chris Condon/PGA Tour)