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Dwayne Gratz apologizes for arrest, disputes allegation he tried to pay in gum


Jacksonville Jaguars cornerback Dwayne Gratz reportedly apologized for his arrest early Sunday morning, but apparently disputed the most notably embarrassing aspect of his being collared by Miami police.

Gratz was arrested and charged with disorderly intoxication and trespassing related to an unfortunate incident that occurred inside a Miami Beach store that occurred during the team’s bye week.

“That’s not me. That’s now who I am and now who I’m trying to be,” Gratz said Wednesday.

The second-year player is accused of becoming unruly and belligerent during a shopping trip at an on-site grocery store at the Ocean Reef Suites in Miami Beach, Fla. He allegedly became so disruptive that other customers left the store.

The most damning detail contained in the Miami Beach Police Department report is that Gratz allegedly was out of money and apparently tried to pay for items with bubble gum.

Gratz reportedly apologized teammates to a team meeting on Wednesday then later briefly addressed the incident with the media.

“I knew it was wrong, but we are human and we make mistakes,” he told reporters, per a report from The Florida Times-Union. “I have to become a better man from this and move on.”

When pressed for more information regarding his arrest, Gratz declined to expand, including the allegation that he tried to use bubble gum as a means of currency.

“I made a mistake,” he answered. “That’s all that really matters and I’m going to learn from it.”

His teammates claim Gratz told them the bubble gum aspect of the sordid tale is untrue.

“He said the gum thing wasn’t true,” receiver Cecil Shorts said.

The cornerback told the media he discussed the incident with teammates “out of respect. I don’t think I could have walked around here if I hadn’t let them know what was up and what happened. They’re all behind me.”

Shorts added that the team is there to support Gratz during his embarrassing ordeal.

“We have nothing but love for Dwayne. We all make mistakes,” Shorts said. “We’re not going to dog him for it. He apologized and we forgave him. Now, it’s back to football.”

Gratz is expected to be in uniform and play on Sunday when the Jaguars (1-9) travel to Lucas Oil Stadium to play the Indianapolis Colts (6-4) on Sunday. Head coach Gus Bradley indicated that he has spoken with Gratz about the incident and any punishment will be dealt with privately, between the team and the player.

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