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Cody Franson on if Maple Leafs are trying to get coach fired after 9-2 loss: ‘F— no’


Things have gone from ugly to flat-out revolting for the Toronto Maple Leafs over the past handful of games. After losing 6-2 to the lowly Buffalo Sabres on Saturday, the Leafs gave up a 9-spot to the Nashville Predators while only netting two goals in an absolute horror show of a home performance.

The last time the Maple Leafs surrendered nine goals in a game was 1991, over twenty years ago. The team was down 8-0 at one point. Not good.

Toronto has now dropped three straight games, sit at 9-8-2 and the natives — fans, the rabid Toronto media and the team itself — are getting restless.

The media has now begun to speculate that the players must be trying to get head coach Randy Carlyle fired, a rather ridiculous question that resulted in an incredulous and profane response from Leafs defenseman Cody Franson.

“F— no,” Franson reportedly retorted, as if he was supposed to respond any other way given that the utter absurdity of the question. Was he supposed to say, “Why yes, yes we are.” Franson apparently apologized for dropping the f-bomb, for what it’s worth.

Fellow Maple Leafs defenseman Dion Phaneuf was asked a similar question at some point following the brutal loss, to which he reportedly responded in kind, but only without the profanity.

“No,” Phaneuf reportedly replied.

That covers the media-player angle related to the surliness of the natives. Next comes the fans.

One only needs to peruse social media to get an accurate gauge of the general ill-tempered reaction to Toronto’s on-ice ineptitude of late by the fans. But one fan let his or her feelings known during the game when he or she threw her Maple Leafs sweater onto the ice in an act of defiant, can-take-it-anymore frustration, something that has occurred at least once before this season.

Yep, things are getting pretty ugly in Toronto right now. Pretty ugly, indeed.